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MACORK SOLUTIONS is an award-winning relevant solution marketing company specializing in growth marketing solutions for corporations, faith-based entities, sports an entertainment organizations and non-profit ventures. We develop marketing solutions that are relevant, impactful and yield measurable results.

Our marketing solutions are designed with our clients’ goals and budget in mind. At MACORK SOLUTIONS , we listen to our clients’ needs, understand their audience’s requirements, and suggest appropriate solutions to get their message through to their users, and have the users responding to our clients.

Meet The Team (@macorksolutions)

Michael A. CorkMichael A. Cork (@MichaelACork)
The Captain
“MACORK”, “Big Mike”

Style: Aggressively Clean. //  Organized Chaos. // Direct.

Weapons of Choice: “My mind, laptop, and extensive phone database.”

Jerrold Daniels

Jerrold Daniels (@JRold)
Mr. Business, the Brand Evangelist!
“Big J”

Style: Hip. // Edgy. // Corporate. // Urban. // Sophisticated. // Stylistic.

Weapons of Choice: “I have the mind of a hustler. I also have morals and integrity. Contradiction? Not so much.”

Nicole D. Powell  (@NPInspired)
“The Artist”
Slick Nick-The Artist

Style: Colorful. // Clever. // Clean as the Board of Health.

Weapons of Choice: “Illustration, Texture, and Software at my fingertips”


Thomasville Highschool
2011 Rattler Football Poster
Earnest Pugh | Earnestly Yours
Kelle's Kakes Business Card

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